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  • Centurion D5 Smart
    Thinking of installing a gate motor? Make sure your choice is a Centurion D5 Smart motor fitted by YGI! Why? Well, most companies will install the D5 Smart and you will have a “normal” gate[…]
  • Backup water
    Does low water pressure or water outages frustrate your living or work environment? Have you wondered what a backup water solution would consist of, how it works and how it could benefit you? We are[…]
  • Got cameras? We’ll install them!
    Had the privilege to install a client’s CCTV at their new home after moving it from the previous house. The roof is not accessible and all cabling had to occur on the outside. For protection[…]
  • Reaching up high
    Some satellite installations are difficult to maintain due to dish installations. Most often installers choose the easiest installation location rather the best location taking esthetics into consideration. Having the right equipment to ensure you can[…]
  • Audio-Visual
    Finding joy in our lives can sometimes prove difficult. So we need to get the most out of the very little time we have to spend on our happiness. Spending time listening to music and[…]
  • Alternative power
    Having a reliable power supply is crucial in a world that is increasingly more power hungry. Power interruptions disrupt our households and workplaces causing frustration within the family and costing business revenue due to downtime.[…]
  • Alarm systems
    Safety is such a big concern in every person’s life. Therefore, having a good quality alarm system installed at your home or office is crucial. It can give you the peace of mind you might[…]
  • Electric Fence
    The use of electric perimeter protection has a wide variety of uses. It assists to keep unwanted visitors out or keeping what’s precious in. With surprising low energy consumption its a security upgrade worth looking[…]
  • Domain hosting
    Every opportunity for a business is crucial and having your business look professional is of utmost importance. So, using a free email address can harm your company image and damage customer confidence. Having your own[…]
  • CCTV
    Having eyes in and around your premises can sometimes be a nice to have. However, once its part of your life you’ll wonder how you managed the safety of what matters to you most without[…]